Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Bridgetown Dress

You know those memes that go something like, "What I think I look like vs What I really look like"? Well, that was definitely the case when I saw these photos, hahaha. I'm definitely not a glamour gal!

I was pretty excited when my husband suggested we all head to the beach before the summer officially starts (he hates crowds, so it's not likely that we will all go once our daughters are on their official summer break). The girls have been asking to go shell-collecting for the longest time, and I was looking forward to a mini getaway as well. Plus, I thought it was the perfect excuse to lounge around in my new Bridgetown Dress from Sew House Seven, though it was SO WINDY that day I hardly got to "lounge." Plus, forget relaxing when your 4-year-old sees the big waves, screams with delight, and starts running towards the ocean, shouting that she is Moana.

And in case you're wondering, yes, she had us yelling, "No one goes beyond the reef!" And yes, I had to run in the water after her several times, which explains why the hem of my dress is wet in some of the photos.

But anyway, please allow me to gush over this beautiful Nosh fabric. I've probably mentioned before that I am certainly no expert when it comes to sewing with knits, but it is my goal this year to overcome my fear of knits. And Nosh makes it so easy. Their lovely knits are a dream to sew with and even lovelier to wear. When I saw the LUMO fabric (which is no longer available, but check out all their new arrivals HERE), I knew I wanted to make a dress for myself

By the way, please don't mind my wild hair. The wind was so crazy that day - I mean, look at how my dress is billowing out! My husband was cracking up while taking the photos. 

I think I probably say this about every pattern I finally get around to sewing, but I have had my eye on this pattern for the longest time. In fact, ever since I made the Tea House Dress (full disclosure: I was gifted this pattern, but that does not affect my opinion of it). So when I received this gorgeous Nosh fabric, I knew it was destined to be a Bridgetown Dress. And I'm glad I went for it.

I'll be honest with you - I know I should have made a muslin first, especially because I would be working with this fabric. But I didn't. I figured since my Tea House fit the way I liked, I would take a chance and sew my size in this dress, too. That said, when I cut the skirt pieces I was concerned the skirt would be on the tight side. The next one I make I will probably widen a bit, particularly if I make the tunic, which I would be tempted to layer over jeans. 

I don't normally like to show my knees, as I am quite self-conscious about my legs in general, but I like the length of this dress (I am 5'1"). I made no adjustments to the pattern, as I like to sew the pattern as is the first time round. Oh wait, that's not entirely true. The back. 

I realized only after looking more carefully at some of the other photos of the Bridgetown that the back layered pieces should dip down lower than they are on my dress to drape more -- and they would have if I had not fiddled with the pieces and pulled them tight. You see, I thought I had stretched out the back bodice pieces when sewing (I figured it happened because I wasn't being careful enough) and tried to adjust it, but then I realized that it should be more drapey than how it ended up being. Oh well. This way I can wear it back to front, too. And I already have, haha!

I wanted a cami or tank to wear underneath the dress because I am too shy to go backless, really. So I turned to my favorite tank pattern: the Greenwood Tank by Straight Stitch Designs. Gosh, I love this tank. I've made quite a few versions during testing and afterwards, and I wear them all the time. And I had the perfect matching fabric for this dress, too! I used Nosh jersey, in Maple Sugar. (At least, I think it's the Maple Sugar. I also got some of this beautiful Rose.) I'm sorry I don't have a picture of just the tank for you.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Nosh for this wonderful fabric, and another thank you to Peggy for this wonderful pattern, which I'm sure I'll be using again. And now I'll leave you with one last picture - complete with photo bomber. ;) 


  1. Lifestyle blogger 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻😂😂😂. But maybe no hairspray model 😁😁😁

  2. Ooooh Emi, I love this Bridgetown dress! That beach getaway simply looks perfect, or at least as perfect as it gets with kids and wind ;)

  3. Man, this is one seriously beautiful dress and I don't think you should widen the skirt at all. I'm confused about the length though. This is the original dress length?
    Well, no matter what, this is absolutely PERFECT for you and you look gorgeous and wonderfully wind swept ;-)
    Also I'm giggling at your girls. They are afraid to put their heads under water in the pool but they run straight towards giant waves at the ocean, lol. At our house it's exactly the opposite scenario ;-)

  4. Love the dress Emi! The fabric is beautiful and works so well with the pattern.

  5. Oh Emi, you made me laugh! None of my photos look like I imagined hahaha I love this dress on you as is, and I like the cami underneath also. I would have done the same thing :) The print of this fabric is simply divine! the colours are perfect for you... However, if this is the original length on you, it would look like a tunic on me!

  6. At least you look like a model in the pictures! The waving hair is so cool, and you didn't even need a hairdryer to simulate that. Since I never saw you irl, I am convinced that you look exactly the same in daily life ;-)


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